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Re: [APD] Co2 poisoning? chlorine maybe? help!

Hi Joel,
Just some thoughts:
   Did you put the laterite under the substrate or on top?  If on top 
you must have some pretty muddy water.
   Do you add a anti-chloramine liquid to the water after adding a lot 
of tap water?  Chloramine will release ammonia in the water, which is 
very hard on the fish, and most water systems now  have chloramine 
added to control bacteria in the water.
   What is the carbonate hardness, KH, of the water?  If it is too low 
you can drive the PH into really acid territory with CO2, although DIY 
CO2 wouldn't be as much of a threat as pressurized.

Vaughn H.

On Monday, February 20, 2006, at 05:02 PM, Joel Fizette wrote:

> Hi I'm new here. Here's the deal. I recently started adding plants to 
> my
> aquarium about a month ago and just now added first layer pure 
> laterite and
> DIY co2 injection. I also added a couple of new plants and before
> introducing them I dipped them in bleach water then used wardley 
> watercare
> Chlor out to remove the bleach.
> So now all my fish are dying. It started with my 3 plecos then a couple
> barbs died and now one bala shark. After the plecos died I turned off 
> the
> Co2 and its been off for 2 days in which time the other fish have died 
> and I
> have been racking my brain as to what the problem is. The fish all 
> seem to
> be hanging out in one little spot near the bottom gasping for air 
> constantly
> and one of them seems to like going up to the top every once in a 
> while to
> get some air. I even changed half the tank's water and at first it 
> looked
> like they were doing better swimming around a bit more but now they're 
> back
> to the same corner... huddling around (of all things) the co2 reactor. 
> My
> Blood Parrot seems to be doing fine except that she seems to be hiding 
> in
> her cave a little more than often. All my water levels seem absolutely 
> fine,
> ph, nitrate, nitrite, amonia, everything. Anyone have any ideas? could 
> it be
> clorine poisoning? did I maybe not rinse my plants well enough to 
> remove the
> chlorine? could it be something to do with adding the laterite? I 
> thought
> from all my research that it was harmless to my fish to add to an
> established aquarium. Please help!
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