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Re: [APD] SOS - CSL Ballast Down

Intersting. Current USA ( http://www.current-usa.com/ ) is the purveyor of the Orbit lights. I had heard that this corp, or it predecessor corp., Current, Inc., had pressed CSL to stop selling CSL lights that were "just like " orbits and a court ordered CSL to cease and desist, which closed down CSL operations. Are you sure Current USA, inc, bought CSL operations or just continued selling Orbits after CSL stopped selling CSL lights?
Wonder which is way it went.

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The company that bought out Custom Sea Life when they went out of 
business is called Current USA.  They bought the business as a whole 
and just changed the name. Same lamps, same ballasts, same reflectors 
from what i understand.  I konw championlighting.com carries their 
product if you need one ASAP. HTH


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