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[APD] Slow growth in 10 gal tank

I have a planted 10 gal tank which isn't growing at all to it's potential.  I
have 2 spiral 13W CF bulbs, dosing KNO3 and KH2PO4 every-other-day and using
Seachem's Excell as a Carbon source (dosing about 1/4 capful every day - no
deaths to snales, crays or fish).

Growth was OK for a bit, but has slown down considerably.  E. tenellus doesn't
spread, and new growth is very pale.  Glosso never really took off, and is
almost non-existant.  Riccia pearls after WC, but isn't growing very much.  Even
Hygro. polysperma isn't growing much anymore.
Java Fren is very happy, however.

Any ideas?  I'm not dosing traces - thought WCs would take care of that
throughout the week.  Should I start?  Should I add CO2?  Would have to be DIY
for now - diffused through an Hagen latter for now, too.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?


Jason M.

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