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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 30, Issue 42

> Scott Scheibe wrote:
> >It also says"DO NOT OVERDOSE!" but does not explain why.  1
> ml in a 2.5 
> >gallon is about
> >4 times the recommended dosage if I figured that right in my
> head..  So
> >maybe the dire warning applies.
> Scott,
> Exactly!  Yet Tom has been insistent on this 1ml per day or
> every other 
> day...and who doesn't listen to Tom!
> Me...I guess now! ;^)> Michael Laflamme
> spicolte at hotmail_com

I have 10 cherry shrimp, 4 killifish in my 2 gal tanks(I have 2
such tanks) and dose 1ml every other day: note, my tank has less
light also.

Snails, fish and shrimp all appear fine.


I'd bark up another tree.

Tom Barr

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