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Re: [APD] Flourish Excel killing my shrimp and snails!

You can estimate smaller than 1 ml by assuming 20 drops per ml.  Most 
watery liquids will take about 20 drops per ml, so you wont be way off.
Vaughn H.

On Sunday, February 19, 2006, at 09:28 AM, Michael Laflamme wrote:

> I am backing off to approx. one drop every other day, and we will see 
> what
> happens.  The fact that the tank is so dang small makes it hard to 
> find an
> amount that isn't microscopic!  I think that was why I was happy with 
> the
> 1ml amount, as I had no other way to measure anything smaller than 
> that.
> Thanks.
> Michael Laflamme

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