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[APD] Flourish Excel killing my shrimp and snails?

>I am good friends Tom Barr (who will probably see this post and wonder why I
>am seeking advice since he has already given me his).   His recommendation
>for my size tank was 1ml per day, or every other day, which I followed
>Flourish Excel killing my shrimp and snails?

         I'm sure Tom will come up with a better answer.  I don't have 
shrimp, but do have snails and use a cap full: 5 ml on my 44 gallon daily 
with no apparent effect on the animal life.  The bottle states use 5 ML for 
every 40L (10 gallons) on initial use or after a major water change, 
thereafter use 1 ml for every 40L daily or every other day. It also says 
"DO NOT OVERDOSE!" but does not explain why.  1 ml in a 2.5 gallon is about 
4 times the recommended dosage if I figured that right in my head..  So 
maybe the dire warning applies.

(a note to the moderator, sorry about the vacation spam forward, I meant to 
send it to abuse and because the last message I sent starting with A was 
this list it autofilled that instead of the abuse address.  I was in a 
hurry when I did it and wasn't paying attention.)

    D. Scott Scheibe
<mailto:dsscheibe at earthlink_net>

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