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[APD] Another question regarding bacterial clouding

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I believe ryan_whyte at utoronto.ca wrote this email section below:

> I'm assuming that the clouding is caused by bacterial bloom? Am I right?
> Any suggestions for getting rid of it?

Sounds like something has died in the tank?

Though I did get this kind of bloom when I put in too much of my home made 
food which had a lot of oatmeal in it.


I also have had bacterial clouding which first looked milky and is now green, and have been closely watching the comments of this subject. Could an excess of dead snails cause the problem? We had an awful lot of them and then purchased 3 Yoyo's. One died but the other two seem to be thriving quite well, and the snail population seems to have decreased substantially. I don't know if there are a whole bunch of small snail carcasses on the substrate, but there are few big carcasses which I have been removing when seen.

2/3rds water change only cleared it slightly and not for long. Just like others have said. Reduction in light seems to help. Have reduced feeding to once every 4 days or so for the past two weeks.

Since August 2005 we have had a 70 Gallon tank, 223 watts, 2 commercial CO2 generators, canister filtration, 2 amazon sword plants, 1 corkscrew vallisneria, 1 Madagascar lace, lots of rotala indica, 3 micro crypts, 2 sq ft of dwarf hairgrass, all on fluorite substrate. 6 serpia tetras, 6 congo tetras, 2 kribenis + about 30 fry, 2 yoyo loaches, 1 albino pleco, 1 spotted pleco, 4 oto's, 5 shrimp and 13 assorted danio. Also an awful lot maybe 100's) of those trumpet looking snails.

comments/advice appreciated.

Howard Morse

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