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Re: [APD] bacterial clouding

It is possible that, as you guessed, this is a bacterial bloom. If so it will clear up on it's own, which might take a few days or a few months, or you can make sure there is no source of excess bacteria food, such as a fish carcass, as Stuart suggests,  A waterchange probably will help only very temporarily as the bacteria multiply quickly and repopulate. A UV will kill off the waterborne bacteria but is expensive. You can add a "clumper" chemical, sold as water clarifier, which will cause the suspended elements in the water to cling together in clumps, which makes them easier to trap in a fine filter.

Good luck, good fun,
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I believe ryan_whyte at utoronto.ca wrote this email section below:

> I'm assuming that the clouding is caused by bacterial bloom? Am I right?
> Any suggestions for getting rid of it?

Sounds like something has died in the tank?

Though I did get this kind of bloom when I put in too much of my home made 
food which had a lot of oatmeal in it.
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