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[APD] bacterial clouding

I'm new to the list and the hobby. I set up my first serious planted tank
three months ago: 65 gal, laterite over sand, heating cable, DIY CO2,
canister power filter, 140 watts. 1/4 Water change every 10 days or so. 
The tank is heavily planted and has shown wonderful growth rates, and the
SAEs, shrimp and snails keep things very clean.

Two weeks ago the water began to turn milky. Carbon filtration did
nothing. This isn't decaying plant matter or dust from the substrate. I
did a couple of 1/3rd water changes, but the cloudiness always worsened
within a day or two. Tried dosing with Nutrafin Bclear biological
clarifier with no results, twice now.

I'm assuming that the clouding is caused by bacterial bloom? Am I right?
Any suggestions for getting rid of it?

Thanks very much for your help.

Ryan Whyte
Toronto, Canada

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