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Re: [APD] Algae vs. Ultrasound?

I believe Don Tuleja wrote this email section below:
> My gmail had an ad display while I was reading one of the APD messages about
> algae:
> http://www.lgsonic.com/LG%20SONIC%20EN/sss.htm
> Granted it's listed for ponds, but... Whaddya think?

Never heard of this method before.
I wonder what the fish think of 40K-100KHz strong vibrations throughout the 

But the question I have to ask is, why don't they make a model for domestic 
Aquarium use if it is so effective? Huge market surely?

I suspect it doesn't work in the close confines of a glass tank or that it 
kill the plants? They claim it kills Algae and Fungus. But not fish or plants.

I see they have a Test PDF

If it kills Chlorophyll surely it's going to affect plants?

But it would be nice to think that it could work. :-)

I'll just look up Radio Spares and see how much a Ultrasonic transducer 
costs to build... ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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