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Re: [APD] Bala Sharks

Just catching up on posts and saw someone questioning Bala Sharks in planted tanks.
  Before I had a terrible DIY Co2 accident which killed my entire tank a few years ago (no more DIY since then), I kept a single Bala Shark in my planted tank along with amano shrimp, guppies, neons and assorted other small fish.  He was the last survivor of a school of them that I gotten many years ago.  He was my favorite fish and at the time of his death was almost 9 years old and about 7" long.
  He harmed nothing, ever, although there were no fry in the tank.  Still, he didn't bother plants or disturb gravel and never touched the shrimps or fish.  A complete peaceful giant.  He got spooked occasionally if you approached the tank quickly in low light conditions, but otherwise, he was very mellow and would swim up to the glass whenever the cats or I would approach the tank. 
  However, because they can grow to such a large size, and are very, very quick, energetic swimmers, I would not recommend them for aquariums at all, even if it is a huge aquarium.  I got my when they were small and I was ignorant of their needs and size.

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