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[APD] Lighting for 10g tank

Hello all-
  I currently have 35w of regular flourescent lights over a glass canopy on my 10g.  The two fixtures are driving me crazy as they take up a lot of room and don't fit well.  Plants are doing great.
  I'd like to trade in these two strip lights for one and have been looking at compact flourescents.  I've been having a hard time finding lights suitable for freshwater that will also fit a 10g (20").  I've found two:  1) Current USA Satellite - 40w, with white lunar light and 2) Aqualight 28w.  I would have to switch out the bulbs on both of these because they come with actinic, but am limited on bulb replacement options because they are both square pin.
  I can go with either:
  a) 40w dual bulb - half 6700, half 10,000k or
  b) 28w 6700 coralife bulb
  I don't want a DIY setup.  Which would you choose and why?  Thanks for any input!

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