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Re: [APD] new tank for Angles

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> Subject: [APD] new tank for Angles
>          I am setting up a new 29 gallon for Angles, I don't 
> plan to do C02 and won't have more than a little over 1 watt 
> a gallon or less, ordered a dual bulb 36 watt (I think) 
> light.  I am going to do fluorite and sand substrate.  I will 
> be doing excel and will be setting it up as soon as the 
> fluorite comes in on Monday according to the tracking.  Need 
> to get it broke in soon, the 6 quarter sized angles I got are 
> in a 10 gallon and growing fast, more like 50 cent sized now.
>          Any suggestions for plants?

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but do you realize that mixing
sand and flourite is a lost cause.  They will separate quickly. Then you
will have a layered look.  

If it was me, I'd just use 100% flourite.


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