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[APD] new tank for Angles

         I am setting up a new 29 gallon for Angles, I don't plan to do C02 
and won't have more than a little over 1 watt a gallon or less, ordered a 
dual bulb 36 watt (I think) light.  I am going to do fluorite and sand 
substrate.  I will be doing excel and will be setting it up as soon as the 
fluorite comes in on Monday according to the tracking.  Need to get it 
broke in soon, the 6 quarter sized angles I got are in a 10 gallon and 
growing fast, more like 50 cent sized now.
         Any suggestions for plants?

         Also any one have any experience with H20 Concepts water treatment 
and using it in their tanks?

    D. Scott Scheibe
<mailto:dsscheibe at earthlink_net>

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