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[APD] Mg toxicity in Tonia

In my on going adventures in plant torture I recently decided to
try a little simnple pilot test to see if adding 10ppm of Mg
would stunt some Rotala wallichii as suggested by Edward.

Well, no stunting occurred at 10ppm for the R wallichii, but one
species on Tonia var belem did melt from the leaf tips
inward(roughly 60-70%) in response to a single addition of MgSO4
and a mix of CaSO4/MgSO4. The nomral dosing had been 3-4ppm a

No other plants(including Tonia manaus and fluvitalis) had any
observable negative tissue impacts. Eriocaulon became
smaller(25%), but branched more frequently(I had 30 now I have
55 stems in 8 days).    

I did not do a water change afterwards, and after 5-7 days, the
plants have not died nor adapted. The cones are left, but the
rest of the plant appears in bad shape but not getting worse.

This would need to be repeated several times before I'd say
there is something definite.

Tom Barr


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