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Re: [APD] [Off-Topic] Supplementing Electricity with Solar (Bill D)

I'm sure Tom Barr is running an experiment as we post, and will answer 
this question at the appropriate time.  (It will probably revolve 
around our high CO2 level, though).
And, that reminds me:  It appears that the new fancy guppies I added to 
my tank are a bit more sensitive to CO2 than the cardinal tetras, corys 
and otos I already had.  I dropped my CO2 bubble rate a bit when they 
seemed to be uncomfortably gasping at the surface in a small grouping.  
Now they swim around normally, or as normally as guppies ever do.  Are 
there actually big difference in the sensitivity of various fish 
species to CO2?

Vaughn  H.

On Wednesday, February 15, 2006, at 02:25 PM, David Aiken wrote:

> What is special about senior Californian citizens that requires
> special dietary considerations for them?

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