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Re: [APD] [Off-Topic] Supplementing Electricity with Solar (Bill D)

On 16/02/2006, at 7:51 AM, Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

> This is my vote for not responding to posts which are not about  
> aquatic plants, their care and feeding, and the equipment  
> involved.  I think when we respond to such posts we really do  
> irritate those who subscribe to this to read about aquatic plants,  
> and not about energy policy or politics, or the latest sports  
> scores.  It just frosts me to have people respond to such posts, so  
> I never, ever do so. \

Did you mean to instruct people not to reply to your post?  :-)  In  
that case I hope this response doesn't frost you too much.

And now to the real point of this response:

> And, I must add that I am already pretty light, but...does anyone  
> know of a good diet for just a little weight loss, one that is  
> appropriate for a senior
> California citizen?

What is special about senior Californian citizens that requires  
special dietary considerations for them? I don't live in California,  
or even in the States, but I could use a similar diet and I'm  
interested in anything that may make a significant difference.  
Perhaps the Californian ingredient is a difference in exercise  
levels? To bring this back on topic, should I increase my number of  
tanks so that I can fetch and carry more water for water changes in  
order to boost my exercise level and is there a correlation between  
tank nutrient intake/export and aquarist nutrient intake/export?

David Aiken

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