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Re: [APD] [Off-Topic] Supplementing Electricity with Solar (Bill D)

On 2/15/06, Bill D <billinet at comcast_net> wrote:
> >If Bill was REALLY trying to keep off topic posts off the >list, why did
> he
> post his post?  We didn't need to know he >responded off list...
> No, Nick, you didn't need to know that, nor did you and Scott have to
> extend
> my short response to four replies.  You could have just let it go.
> When I see what I believe to be a political posting that is  misleading, I
> will respond to it as I did in this case, just to alert readers that there
> is another point of view..  I hope you and others won't feel that they
> have
> to reply.
> Bill

That darn Bill!  Always extending those off topic threads.  Thank goodness
he's the only one!!!  :-D
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