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Re: [APD] Bugs on leaves (Charlie)

Not sure about the brown stuff but I think the bugs might be springtails

Link warning, if you're squeamish reading the below may forever change your ability to stick your arm into your tank :P.

I had them and I think it's more of them coming when there a problem (as they get things to eat)
as opposed to them actually being the problem.  If you don't want them, do large prune to remove ALL surface plants,and a cleaning of the top edge of the tank (the tank sides above the water line. It seems to get rid of them.  Either they can't float forever or without things to stand on the fish eventually get them.


>Well today I looked
>closely, inspecting for pearling and saw little bitty bugs kinda hoppin
>around on the surface of the sword leaf that is covered the most by the
>brown chalky layer. What are these things? What should I do about them? What
>is the brown stuff? What makes it go away? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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