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Re: [APD] [Off-Topic] Supplementing Electricity with Solar

How much Co2 emissions are associated with the production/manufacturing and
transport of the PV panels, batteries, inverter/charger and material
necessary to install the system? What compounds are used in these components
and what impact does their production, use and disposal have on the
environment? Just curious if anyone happens to know.

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Mike Szilard wrote:
> OK...time for me to chime in...
> Take a look at this thread: 
> Let me know what kind of questions you've got.

I'm looking to see about supplementing my electric consumption with 
solar. I didn't see anything about that on that thread other than a link 
to some pictures of solar panels.

I'm not really interested in the money savings. Although in Southern 
California we're paying about $0.11/kWh, so my lights would cost me that 
about $12.28 per month. More importantly, however, is that my aquarium 
lights will be directly responsible for almost one ton of CO2 emissions 
per year. If I can cut that in half with a couple hundred bucks in PV 
panels, I'm there.

Jerry Baker

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