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[APD] green water in new tank

I set up a planted tank and its had horrible greenwater for over a month so
i figure that its not just new tank green anymore and i should try to do
something about it.
specs are
2X36W CF 6700K and 10000K
only filter is a powerhead with a sponge.
i have diy co2 but i dont think this is working verywell i think there may
be a leak in the system so im going to reseal it.
the tank is heavily planted with lots of pennywort hygro tiger lotus and
corkscrew vals.
i used shultz aquatic plant soil with fine gravel overtop of it.
i ran out of phosphate and nitrate test kit so when i get new ones... as
soon as my lfs orders them for me... i will test but historicaly this tank
has had high phosphate and lower nitrates.
i dose ppmd mostly but i add potassium nitrate and trace as well,
i dont realy follow a regieme excpet i dose about the same as my angelfish
tank that has a bit lower lighting and more plants and that tank grows great
with greenwater only if i dig up some plants to put in different ones.
please advise me on how to get rid of this wate rso i can see my fish.
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