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Re: [APD] VALS MELTDOWN (Neil Frank)

see typo... i have not had enough recent posting experience :-)

>  I have only had Val losses under three conditions:
>(1)Extremely low calcium levels which came from insufficient water changes
>or Ca supplementation in an already soft water tank (GH & KH<1-2). I later
>used val as an indicator plant to tell me when to add CaCO3. In my
>experience, Val died when the available copper dropped below a critical
Sorry.... i meant to say Calcium, above.

>level. Other plants in the same tank were not affected. This was due to a
>gradual change.
>(2)Exposure to copper. Val is sensitive to even low copper concentrations
>(but not trace levels which all plants need). Sometimes supply water
>changes, so this is something to investigate.
>(3)Exposure to the algicide Simazine, which I observed 2 decades ago when i
>was experimenting with different BBA cures. Val may also be sensitive to
>other chemicals.
>Val doesnt have a lifetime.... but.... unless replenished, aquarium
>nutrients do!

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