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Re: [APD] sand substrate

>From: Eli Moss <mossy173 at gmail_com>
>Subject: [APD] sand substrate
>I probably won't act on this information as I'm loathe to wreck my existing
>setup, but just for the sake of knowledge and curiosity: were I to set up a
>sand substrate for my planted aquarium, would I absolutely need to have a
>layer of fluorite or some such coarser-grain substrate underneath the sand
>for roots, or can plants thrive in sand alone?

         I had layerite (sp?) and onyx gravel along with regular gravel. 
About 9 months ago I removed most of the gravel and tried to leave behind 
everything else.  Replaced it with play sand from Lowes, even after rinsing 
it, it clouded up the tank and plugged the filters for months.  It is just 
recently that I can clean the tank with out clouding up the tank.  That 
said, the plants are doing much better, especially the Dwarf Subulata which 
wasn't doing anything in the gravel, has almost covered all the bottom of 
the tank now.  There are some expensive sands available which say they have 
all kinds of minerals and such plants need.  I haven't felt the need to 
spend $30+ for a bag of sand..
         I won't claim to be a expert on it, but I am setting up a new 29 
gallon tank and I am going to do a layer of fluorite and then some sand 
(bought two 50 pound bags), still have one left and the first was more than 
enough for my 44 gallon corner tank at least 2" thick.  It will be all in 
place before I add water to it.  If I had something easy available to me I 
think I would go with a little heaver grain of sand, the play sand is very 

    D. Scott Scheibe
<mailto:dsscheibe at earthlink_net>

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