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Re: [APD] sand substrate

On 2/10/06, Eli Moss <mossy173 at gmail_com> wrote:
> I probably won't act on this information as I'm loathe to wreck my
> existing
> setup, but just for the sake of knowledge and curiosity: were I to set up
> a
> sand substrate for my planted aquarium, would I absolutely need to have a
> layer of fluorite or some such coarser-grain substrate underneath the sand
> for roots, or can plants thrive in sand alone?

I have an ultrafine sand tank and a fine sand tank.  Plants thrive in both.
The ultrafine sand is about the same grain size as table sugar.

The fine Monterrey sand tank has some lignite on the bottom.  Plants grow
like crazy in that tank but I don't know if the lignite makes a difference.

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