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Re: [APD] sand substrate

Eli Moss wrote:
> I probably won't act on this information as I'm loathe to wreck my existing
> setup, but just for the sake of knowledge and curiosity: were I to set up a
> sand substrate for my planted aquarium, would I absolutely need to have a
> layer of fluorite or some such coarser-grain substrate underneath the sand
> for roots, or can plants thrive in sand alone?  I've always liked the look
> of sand, and I imagine it would also simplify planting and maintenance.
> It's also cheap at the going, as well, something like two bucks and change
> for fifty pounds of the stuff.

Well, if you're patient we'll all know soon. I'm going to do just that 
with very fine sand. I will be more than happy to oblige the group with 
pictures and progress reports once I can find some ballasts for my lights.

Jerry Baker
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