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[APD] 100g High Tech Planted Aquarium For Sale

Karla needs space for her ever-growing Native American Pottery Collection
(http://users.frii.com/gbooth/Pottery) so we need to sell off one of our
100 gallon high tech Dupla-style aquariums.

This is mostly for folks in the Northern Colorado area - you need to
provide transportation.  The tank has been up and running since 1996 and
is still going strong. Tear-down, moving and set-up should not interrupt
it too much.

It's a 100g acrylic tank with a custom oak stand, AHS lighting, Dupla
substrate heating, trickle filter and a 10# CO2 setup with pH controller.
I'm asking less than a thousand dollars ($999US).

Write me off-line for details and photos.

George Booth

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