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[APD] Excell (Not Alternative Energy)

>There has been some talk of Seachem Excell again. Is it for sure that this
>product causes Val meltdown? I had some really pretty Contortionist melt down
>after I dosed with Excell, they've recovered, I haven't used it again, I'm not
>sure if it was coincidence or not.
>Is the general concensus that Excell does in fact cause Val meltdown? Dr. Morin,
>do you know if you are lurking?

No, it is not know to do that. We have used it extensively here with Val and related species (at above recommended dose ;-) )and have never seen a problem. Typcal Val stressers include rapid changes in temperature, pH or alkalinity... would any of those events correlated with the meltdown you saw?

-Greg Morin

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