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Re: [APD] Alternative Energy

Derek Parr wrote:
> Regardless of the interesting politics mentioned in the post I'm kind of 
> replying to..  I'm thinking that perhaps people are unaware of how 
> common alcohol is being used as a fuel in some countries.  I lived in 
> Brasil back in 1989-91 and alcohol was a common automobile fuel that was 
> about the same price as gasoline and available at all stations (that I 
> saw).  While there, we had a car that ran on alcohol and it ran as well 
> as a comparable vehicle on gas.  Although popularity of it plummeted 
> during the 90's when gas was cheep..  according to this article 
> (http://www.greencarcongress.com/2006/02/petrobras_consi.html) and 
> others it looks like it may gain popularity again.   Why do we not hear 
> about it here in the USA as a possible gas replacement?  Even amongst 
> those who champion alternative fuels and energy sources, I hardly ever 
> hear mention of it, yet it has been used for decades as a common fuel 
> (albeit fairly subsidized) in the largest country in S.A..
> And to keep it on topic...  I like to drink alcohol when watching my 
> "planted" tanks.  ;]
> -derek parr
Bio-Diesel is interesting!

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