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Re: [APD] Alternative Energy

Regardless of the interesting politics mentioned in the post I'm kind of 
replying to..  I'm thinking that perhaps people are unaware of how 
common alcohol is being used as a fuel in some countries.  I lived in 
Brasil back in 1989-91 and alcohol was a common automobile fuel that was 
about the same price as gasoline and available at all stations (that I 
saw).  While there, we had a car that ran on alcohol and it ran as well 
as a comparable vehicle on gas.  Although popularity of it plummeted 
during the 90's when gas was cheep..  according to this article 
(http://www.greencarcongress.com/2006/02/petrobras_consi.html) and 
others it looks like it may gain popularity again.   Why do we not hear 
about it here in the USA as a possible gas replacement?  Even amongst 
those who champion alternative fuels and energy sources, I hardly ever 
hear mention of it, yet it has been used for decades as a common fuel 
(albeit fairly subsidized) in the largest country in S.A..

And to keep it on topic...  I like to drink alcohol when watching my 
"planted" tanks.  ;]

-derek parr

Edward Venn wrote:
  > All this talk of nuclear power, solar and wind power aside we need to
> explore these technologies before things get out of hand and some country 
> with a 5 million man standing army decides to let it loose on the world just 
> to save their own skins. I've seen videos demonstrating splitting water into 
> Hydrogen and Oxygen and using that to power heating systems and low power 
> electric generators. Not great and super efficient but effective. I've seen 
> fuel cells that can run off of water and alcohol mixtures demonstrated as 
> well as other technologies that seem to be workable... Why is nobody 
> seriously looking into them?
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