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[APD] Alternative Energy

Just to give some perspective on this discussion about energy. Current 
prices for gas in Japan are at 128 yen per litre and fuel oil (kerosene) is 
at 78 yen per litre. These prices are not something I like to look at 
despite the fact that I tool around on a motorbike and don't have to worry 
about gas so much.

Unfortunately, food prices have gone up to the point I'm paying the 
equivalent to US$3 for a small lettuce, potatoes cost $4 for a bag of 10 
Idaho potatoes and anything else that is imported-which by the way is 80% of 
all our food costs way too much.

Luckily beef has hit rock bottom with 'US Grade A Mad Cow' being given away 
to the masses.

I took a recent trip over to China where the poluttion is so bad that the 
air is yellow and you must cut it with knife to see where you are going. 
Prices there are going up and there are demonstrations outside the US and 
Japanese Embassies and consulates. The US and Japan 'are to blame' for the 
rising prices on oil and essential supplies according to the Party. The 
peasants are mad, they're getting restive like a bull that's been teased too 
long and need a scapegoat-we're it.

All this talk of nuclear power, solar and wind power aside we need to 
explore these technologies before things get out of hand and some country 
with a 5 million man standing army decides to let it loose on the world just 
to save their own skins. I've seen videos demonstrating splitting water into 
Hydrogen and Oxygen and using that to power heating systems and low power 
electric generators. Not great and super efficient but effective. I've seen 
fuel cells that can run off of water and alcohol mixtures demonstrated as 
well as other technologies that seem to be workable... Why is nobody 
seriously looking into them?

Think about it! you could be making big bucks selling this stuff in Europe, 
China and all those Third World countries where they can't afford gasoline 
and don't know how to set up solar systems.

So, let's get back to plants and my BGA problem.

Fish....More than just sushi

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