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Re: [APD] Excell (Not Alternative Energy)


I just did a major tank teardown, plant uprooting and Onyx sand cleaning 
Tuesday and noticed some Cladophora in a few places. Removed all of the Lace 
Rock (45 lbs or so) and replaced with blocky rocks from my backyard (100 lbs 
or so). Made at least a 100 % water change. Decided to add a large dose of 
Excel-60 ml in a 38 gallon Tanganyikan tank. The volume is maybe 30 gallons 
due to the rocks. I was hoping to nuke the Cladophora.

Two days later and the Hornwort is all melted with leaves all over the tank. 
Duckweed looks ok but I dumped it all while netting out all of the Hornwort 
leaves and stems. The Crypts look fine along with Hygrophila and Anubias. If 
anything the Anubias look cleaner but it may be my imagination. I siphoned 
the leaves from the bottom and removed about 8 gallons water in the process. 
No more Excel added to cover the tank cleaning.

Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ

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>Date: Thu,  9 Feb 2006 09:31:28 -0800
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>The only time I had Val meltdown that I attribute to Excell is when I upped 
>dosage recommended on the bottle.  I was dosing Excell in conjunction w. 
>and my CO2 tank ran out - it'd be a day or two before I could fill it.  So, 
>decided to double the dosage of Excell.  That's when the melt happened for 
>I think as long as you're following the directions on the bottle, you'll be 
>for all plants.
>I have a 10g planted tank that I frequently double/tripple the dosage, and
>everything is doing great - but no Val in that tank.

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