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Re: [APD] Solar Power - Barr

>. . . And that's the point, Alan clearly is a small producer. >Not a power
plant. I'm not talking of replacing the large >public powerplants. He
produces more than he needs, >saves money by no longer having an electric
bill + makes a >decent income off of that . . ."

OK, I misunderstood.  I thought that you were using Alan as an example of
what could be done to solve out energy problem.  My error.

<On one hand you claim distain for naysayers of nukes, yet <you are
naysaying yourself about solar by obfucation.

I have no disdain for the anti-nuke folks; they might be right.  It is just
that the  preponderance of the objective evidence that I've seen doesn't
support their claims.  I could well have missed something.  You are the
scientist, not me.  Maybe you have something that would stand a peer review?

Does "obfuscating" solar mean that I am eclipsing it? <g>

<They said electric cars would never happen, <dreaming ......today we see
many of hybrids scrurrying <around as well as full blown electrics.....

The only full-blown electrics I see are golf carts.  The idea of plug-in
electrics is dead, at least for a while.  Hybrid technology is hot, but
those cars are still primarily gasoline powered.  They will run no more than
a mile or two on their batteries before they run out of power.

I think the plug-ins are the way of the future, but we will need much more,
less expensive electricity before that can happen to any significant extent.

<Oh jeepers, and the nuke folks do not also have
<professional loybbyist? Enron would never do such <things.........

LOL.  Sure, the would-be nukers have lobbyists, although not as effective as
the antis.  Enron was never involved in the nuclear business, as far as I
know.  They brokered all kinds of energy, including solar-generated, for
whatever that's worth.

<I'll never power my fish tank with my own Nuke plant, but, <I will power my
home, car and fish tanks with solar power.

Ok, good.  Let us know when you start, and give us a return-on-investment
analysis if you would.  "Never mind the economics?"  OK, but when you have
to invest say, $50,000 on the project, it would be nice to see how long you
would have to live to get your money back, even with taxpayer subsidies.
(Don't forget the cost of the backup fossil fuel electricity generator for
when the sun goes out.)


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