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[APD] February Meeting of NEAPS

Fellow Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts and Fish Fanciers Alike,

Just a reminder to everyone that the February meeting of NEAPS will be 
held this Sunday, the 12th, at 11:30am.  This month we will be joining 
the Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society at their annual mega-auction.  The 
PVAS is being gracious enough to support us there by offering us a table 
for promotions and allowing us to hold a little meeting.  A big thank 
you to all members of PVAS for their generosity.  As a plus, the PVAS 
mega-auction is free to attend, open to the public and no 
pre-registration is required to enter goods into the auction.

NEAPS members will have lots of plants in the auction as well as other 
plant related accessories.  Of course, there will be LOTS of amazing 
fish in the auction.  All the merchandise NEAPS members have in the 
auction will be a direct split with PVAS.  This is a huge opportunity 
for our small, non-profit organization to obtain some desperately needed 

You can find more information and directions to the auction at the PVAS 
website...  http://www.pvas.net/html/

Hope to see you there!

Dennis Dietz
Vice-President NEAPS
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