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Re: [APD] Solar energy

i read an artical explaining the costs of building a wind/wave turbines and
that after you factor in the cost to smelt metals and form turbines all the
copper that goes into the huge windings you end up spending more electricity
and money than the smaller power plants will be able to generate for
50years, this makes it very hard for large countries Canada USA to utilize
them, for smaller places like some europien counties this will work but to
power all of North America you woul dneed to have so many of these in place
that the landscape would be covered with fans.  The other problem with wave
generation is that it causes damage to marine wildlife, fish do get sucked
into them and they plug up with seaweed barnicals and other fouling
sealife.  the costs to maintain them are huge as well, send trained divers
in to clean them monthly  and having to have thousands of them in place
would cost too much to maintain.
even solar energy cells which are not produced in 1st world countries but
instead are in india and other new industry countries where there are no
pollution laws that they factories have to follow.  the process to make
these cells is not very efficient and uses alot of electricity that is all
made by burning coal.
bottom line there is no simple easy to implement solution, the only way we
will solve this is by running out of fossel fuels and being forced to find
other methods of energy, but untill it becomes more financialy viable than
oil and other fossel fuels not enough people will be willing to pay the
people already complain about the high cost of energy and in canada i know
that for poor people ot just heat their home is becomming a problem so how
can we ask these people to pay even more when they cant even afford to eat
and feed their families.
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