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Re: [APD] Solar energy

Bill D wrote:
> Hello,
> There is plenty of raw material available to fuel nuclear power plants, even
> using current technology.  There are also "fast reactors" that can generate
> some of their own fuel, and on the horizon their might be nuclear fusion, in
> which hydrogen is the main fuel.  The latter also greatly reduces the amount
> of nuclear waste.
> A lot of people worry about the safety of nuclear power.  When nuclear power
> plants were still being built a mini-industry of anti-nuclear consultants
> and PR people developed.  Their goals were to stop the plants by any means
> possible, so as to earn their fees.   When the two nukes a mile from where I
> live were being built, it seems that every week there were articles in local
> papers with headlines like "My cows stopped giving milk after the plant
> started up", and "The green glow in the sky gives me headaches".  Nobody
> claimed that their children died from the plant, though.
Everyone seems to forget Chernobyl and Rhode Island whenever they 
advocate nuclear. Those two accidents happened over a span of what... 50 
years? That's a drop in the bucket time wise. That's nothing. The more 
plants you have operating, the more chance for error. I don't care how 
many backup systems you have, they eventually will fail given the 
chance. When you create the system, you create that chance. With enough 
time and human error, chaos will get you.  As a race I feel we are not 
technologically responsible enough to handle nuclear energy yet. We will 
be ready to handle nuclear when we no longer have need for it.


Take what you can from the above link with a grain of salt.

- C
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