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Re: [APD] Plants?

It used to be widely believed that our oil supply exists because an 
awful lot of aquatic plants died many millions of  years ago, were 
covered by silt, weighed down by still more silt, shoved under 
continental plates, processed by nature for a few millions of  years 
and finally discovered when someone drilled too deep looking for water. 
  Of course, other theories are around too.  And, of course we all know 
the importance of watts per gallon, watts being energy, electrical 
energy, and that energy is converted from gallons of oil.  As you say, 
there is no stupid question, and it has been my pleasure to answer your 

Vaughn H.

On Thursday, February 9, 2006, at 09:15 AM, scott stark wrote:

> What's all this have to do with aquatic-plants? There's no such thing 
> as a stupid question in this industry and knowledge between a gallon 
> and a liter (3.8 liters per gal.) approx. 1 quart. And don't take 
> offence to RUDE comments.
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