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Re: [APD] Gas cost

Just because we all enjoy aquatic plants and hate algae doesn't mean we 
have any agreement on any other subject.  Thank Allah we aren't going 
to discuss our current president, or how great our personal religious 
beliefs are.  What we really need here is an automatic way to forward 
non aquatic plant messages to more appropriate venues.  Or, more 
personal restraint - not a chance!

Vaughn H.

On Thursday, February 9, 2006, at 08:00 AM, Derek Parr wrote:

> yikes!
> why does such a minor (irrelevant) comment about the pre-tax prices of
> oil invite such vindictiveness?  I'm not even seeing how it had any
> relation to anyone's arguments...  So why the emotional response?
> -Derek Parr

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