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Re: [APD] Solar energy

Is it not enough that the horse is dead? You're beatin' on that ol' mare like Al Capone batting at a dinner party!
Just as some accept nukeyoulahr as the inevitable realization of T.S Eliot's prophetic 1922 insight, try to accept that some folks will always believe the nukeyoulahr power industry is the worst thing to happen since, well, the advent of nuclear energy.
My biggest complaint about the fission reactor biz is that it resulted in Jack Lemmon giving a performance about as exciting as Lorne Greene's in _Earthquake_. But that's not important -- I'm not against earthquakes; what is important is this is:

If the president of the United States likes it, what could possibly be wrong with it? Of course, he likes oil too, but you can't fault a man for having too many passions.
Funny side story, which is neither here nor there, the only power plant ever built that was partially built backwards by accident was a nukeyoulahr plant in California. 
You gotta love an industry that keeps its sense of humor.

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Electricity will be
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