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Re: [APD] Solar energy


Electricity will be the main source of energy in the future, as fossil fuels
are phased out either because the shrinking supply makes them too expensive
to burn (oil and gas) and/or society decides to reduce coal usage because of
health and environmental concerns.

That electricity can come from a variety of sources, but the only way to
make enough of it is to use nuclear technology.  If anyone can present solid
evidence to the contrary I'd like to see it.  What an teacher might say in a
classroom doesn't count.

There is plenty of raw material available to fuel nuclear power plants, even
using current technology.  There are also "fast reactors" that can generate
some of their own fuel, and on the horizon their might be nuclear fusion, in
which hydrogen is the main fuel.  The latter also greatly reduces the amount
of nuclear waste.

I wonder if even a very charismatic leader could rally the American public
to accept, say, a 50% reduction in energy availability with a corresponding
drop in the standard of living to "save the planet."  I doubt that very
much, particularly when there is a viable alternative.

". . .Living next to a wind farm doesn't kill children. Seemingly living
next to a nuclear plant does..."    Oh, my!  I had never heard that.  I'd
really like to see some reliable evidence.  The people in upstate New York
are competing to get a new nuclear plant built in their areas.  They should
be told about that risk.

A lot of people worry about the safety of nuclear power.  When nuclear power
plants were still being built a mini-industry of anti-nuclear consultants
and PR people developed.  Their goals were to stop the plants by any means
possible, so as to earn their fees.   When the two nukes a mile from where I
live were being built, it seems that every week there were articles in local
papers with headlines like "My cows stopped giving milk after the plant
started up", and "The green glow in the sky gives me headaches".  Nobody
claimed that their children died from the plant, though.

Does anybody remember when algae was being promoted as a miracle food that
would eliminate world hunger?   It is too bad that it didn't prove feasible.
Some of us could have made some money by contributing our growths to the
pot. <g>


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