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Re: [APD] Solar energy

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> Artificially low petrol (gasoline, to us) prices are not our problem.  
> There is no government subsidy on gasoline, so it is a near free market 
> that sets the prices.  It is true that we don't tax fuels as much as 
> many countries do, but high taxes on fuel are hardly a "natural" thing. 
>   Furthermore, there is no evidence that much higher fuel costs would 
> reduce our usage of fuel.  Our real problem with fuels is that we, the 
> people, insist on owning and driving big, heavy, overpowered SUV's and 
> light trucks, while avoiding small, lightweight lower powered vehicles. 
>   Correcting that alone would go far towards solving our problem with 
> excessive fuel usage.  (I'm not sure what a false standard of living 
> is.)

My two cents. The faster peak oil hits 
(http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net), the better. The transitional 
pains would be terrible, but it will force innovation. There are other 
solutions. One is wave power (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_power), 
like solar needs research and development. However it's hard for 
innovation to be made into a market which has very little in the promise 
of profit for large providers. Wave power has that potential, whereas I 
don't think solar does.

- C

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