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Re: [APD] Solar energy

Artificially low petrol (gasoline, to us) prices are not our problem.  
There is no government subsidy on gasoline, so it is a near free market 
that sets the prices.  It is true that we don't tax fuels as much as 
many countries do, but high taxes on fuel are hardly a "natural" thing. 
  Furthermore, there is no evidence that much higher fuel costs would 
reduce our usage of fuel.  Our real problem with fuels is that we, the 
people, insist on owning and driving big, heavy, overpowered SUV's and 
light trucks, while avoiding small, lightweight lower powered vehicles. 
  Correcting that alone would go far towards solving our problem with 
excessive fuel usage.  (I'm not sure what a false standard of living 

Vaughn H.
On Wednesday, February 8, 2006, at 01:08 PM, Stuart Halliday wrote:

> If I understand correctly, in the USA people are driving around in
> artificial low petrol prices. So doesn't that make even the current 
> standard
> of living for most USA citizens to be false?

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