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Re: [APD] Solar energy

I believe Bill D wrote this email section below:

> "And in any case I've heard from 'experts' that the alternative energies are
> more than adequate to supply all our future power requirements."   That's
> nonsense,


> unless we are willing to accept a major reduction on out standard
> of living, which we are not.

Why not if it will save the planet?

If I understand correctly, in the USA people are driving around in 
artificial low petrol prices. So doesn't that make even the current standard 
of living for most USA citizens to be false?

> Alternate ways of creating energy can make a contribution to the solution of
> our energy problem.  I like the idea of solar, even though it has been
> mainly cloudy here for the last 2 weeks.  Yesterday driving south on the PA
> Turnpike I saw 12 windmills on a ridge.  Two were revolving; the rest were
> at rest.

In Scotland Wind and Wave power is proving to be a very realistic possibility.

> There is but one solution to our growing energy problem.  That is building
> more nuclear plants.  Other technologies can help and should be encouraged,
> but these will have only a marginal impact.
> We should accept that.

Can't say I ever will.
Living next to a wind farm doesn't kill children. Seemingly living next to a 
Nuclear plant does...

Stuart Halliday
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