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[APD] OFF TOPIC - solar tanks - Barr

I believe Bill D wrote this email section below:
> Most if not all of  those so called "savings" come at the expense of the
> taxpayers or rate payers.
> Solar and windmill and geothermal and landfill and soybean power , etc. are
> not economical by any measurement, and even if they were, they would produce
> only a small amount of the energy that we need.  It is nice to dream, but
> dreaming doesn't solve problems.

Economics don't enter into it.

If you had to choose from two evils and one costed more and was safer than 
the other. I'd go with that option any day.

What has cost got to do with saving the planet?

And in any case I've heard from 'experts' that the alternative energies are 
more than adequate to supply all our future power requirements.

The trick is we all need to buy low powered items and not buy high 
pollution, inefficient items just because they look nice or are fashionable 
for a few months.

Stuart Halliday
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