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[APD] LED lighting

I've seen a few white LED strips on sale in my local Maplin hardware store 
and these looked *very* bright and I was wondering if these could be used as 
a low heat equivalent replacement for fluorescent tubes?

Ok, they're not going to be cheaper than tubes. But they will last for years 
(100,000 hours (20 years)), don't fade and will be cooler and more efficient 
than tubes. Plus they are of course very controllable.
(By mixing white with red and green you could control colour temperature 
exactly to simulate sunrise-sunset colours for example).

Has anyone here, experimented with using ultra-bright LEDs yet in tanks?


These LEDs have a 5200K colour temperature, but replacing a few white ones 
with green, red or blue LEDs would easily adjust the overall light colour.

This strip in the link says its light output is 420 candelas, any idea what 
a basic tube is?

Some of the new high power LEDs have a 120d viewing angle and are very very 

IIRC polarised light source penetrate deeper into water too...

Stuart Halliday
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