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Re: [APD] solar tanks

I believe Thomas Barr wrote this email section below:

> Hey, it's your money and planet. Use that big brain for some
> good. 

Unfortunately in the UK it's a different story.

75% of fitted electricity meters can't run backwards and the companies
and their infrastructure are not geared up to giving money to their
domestic customers.

A wind turbine requires the owner to get permission from the local Council
to put one up.

Current cost of a turbine is £1500-£2000 ($2600-$3500, €2200-€2900) and
experts say an average use in the home will take 10 years to pay back.

These obstacles will be cleared once demand for the turbines goes up.

But first we need the electricity companies to fix the meters and get
Councils to allow them to be fitted. Then once they advertise these items
the cost will come down due to mass production.

I have no doubt this will take 5 years minimum! :-)

I'd love to have one. In Scotland we have lots of wind...

Stuart Halliday

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