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Re: [APD] solar tanks

Alan, one of our SFBAAPS members, has the coolest tank system +
solar powwered home I've ever seen.

He makes several hundred $$$ every month.
I'd say in 3-4 years, his investment paid for it's self.
Then it's all free $$$.

Cost of electric going up? Great for him, his reverse meter is
whirling, nothing like PG&E sending you a check rather than a
big bill.  

Sun farming.

Plug your car into your home electric and juice it up.
Save the gas guzzling beast for long road trips.
Or.........you the electric with a fold up flexible solar panel
that juices the car up while you are at work all day.

Why be a consumer when you can be a producer/provider?
It's a wise investment even if you are not a green tree hugger.
CA has a nice tax credit also now. 

If the power goes out, no more oil, Alan can still have his Fish
tanks, drive around, and remote control his home.

Question is....will you?

I hear lots of whiners about oil, gas etc.

Solar is not pie in the sky future stuff, you can reap serious
benefits, the $$$ type right now. 

The technology is already there to wean off oil, coal etc.
That's(lack of technology) not the issue.

Using and contining to use outdated, poor environmental methods
is a not a responsibility of the government(although with good
leadership they can and should help). I cannot do finger
pointing on this issue, virtually no one can. You can do this
right now and have real $ benefits. Wanna help your kids? Wanna
help your grandkids?  

Then your neighbor gets the idea, then someone in another state.
Alan sure inspired me. You bet you'll see them on my home I'm
getting later this year.

Per acre, that's good money for sun farming. Better than high
value crops at these prices and little labor. 

And my roof ain't doing it's fair share as it is. 
Wasted space. Lazy tiles up there soaking up the heat. 
Solar water heaters are even cheaper and rather simple.

This is not just ethically correct, but good business.
250$ a month electric bills are not uncommon per home here. 
250x 12 months x 20 years= 60,000$ you save over 20 years
investment or 3000$ a year..........now what about the electric
you *sell* back to the electric company?

With the system I saw at Alan's, after the cost of the home's
electric, roughly 800$ in profit per month= x 12 x 20= 192,000$.
The place was not overly done or that large either, it weas not
like he had a 2 acres......he just filled up the roof. 

Add some tax credits.
Add some cost of coal/oil electric going up as well in the

Even if you got 1/2 this, the deal is still darn good.

Produce rather than consume. 
Take aquatic plants for example. As a newbie, you kill and
consume them, as a grower, you are now a producer. 
Which would you rather be?

Hey, it's your money and planet. Use that big brain for some

Tom Barr


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