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Re: [APD] [Off-Topic] Supplementing Electricity with Solar

Mike Szilard wrote:
> Jerry,
> That's exactly what I've got.  And part of the protective circuit is the 
> fact that the inverter, even while connected to the grid, is powered off 
> the solar panels.  No sun...no power.

It seems that for really small-scale projects (like offsetting aaquarium 
lights), it's probably cheaper to transform the mains AC to DC and then 
feed that power and the solar panels' power into an inverter to get it 
back to AC. All you need is a transformer and an inverter.

------MAIN---||TRANSFORMER||-------||INVERTER||-----> Aquarium

That way I could just slap some panels on the roof (like only 150W) and 
run the wire down the wall to the aquarium stand where it would meet the 
output from the transformer. No hassle with the breaker panel or 
synchronizing phase with the main. Assuming transformer efficiency of 
95% and an inverter efficiency of 90%, I still save a net of 100W power 
from the main.

Jerry Baker
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