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Re: [APD] [Off-Topic] Supplementing Electricity with Solar

Sorry...here's the whole thread: 

Post 14 is where explanations get started.

Bottom line, you'd need to spend a couple thousand for the inverter, and 
a couple hundred for each panel.  The panels supply DC to the inverter.  
The inverter is tied in to your service panel.  If you produce less than 
you need the power meter will turn slower (because you're producing at 
least SOMETHING).  If you produce more than you need at that moment in 
time, the meter will turn backward.  Then, when you stop producing, it 
starts turning forward again. 

Is it expensive?  Depends on your goals.  Do I run the A/C more?  You 
bet.  And the hot tub.  And about 280 watts of lights over 3 tanks and a 
miniature rose :)  And whatever else...


On 2/6/2006 3:13 PM Jerry Baker said the following:

>Mike Szilard wrote:
>>OK...time for me to chime in...
>>Take a look at this thread: 
>>Let me know what kind of questions you've got.
>I'm looking to see about supplementing my electric consumption with 
>solar. I didn't see anything about that on that thread other than a link 
>to some pictures of solar panels.
>I'm not really interested in the money savings. Although in Southern 
>California we're paying about $0.11/kWh, so my lights would cost me that 
>about $12.28 per month. More importantly, however, is that my aquarium 
>lights will be directly responsible for almost one ton of CO2 emissions 
>per year. If I can cut that in half with a couple hundred bucks in PV 
>panels, I'm there.

Mike Szilard

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