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[APD] Plants for a Paludarium

I am setting up a 29 gallon paludarium (got the tank two years ago, 
finally getting around to doing something with it).  I am wondering what 
kind of plants would be good for the "land" part.  I've seen mentioned 
in various places that "tropicals" as sold at WalMart, etc., could be 
used.  Can most of these take the very high humidity without getting all 
kinds of nasty fungus, disease, etc. or rapidly growing too big?

It has a 55 PC lightging.  Water comes down a bank into the aquatic 
part.  The substrate is aquarium gravel, chunks of slate, and a "big" 
log emerging from the water.  I thought I would get Java Moss going on 
the submerged part of the log, and let it creep up the log as far as it 
is comfortable, but I don't know what to put above.  I would think any 
of the plants that are sold for aquariums but grown for retail in the 
emersed condition would do, but I don't know which ones these are.

Thanks for your advice.

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