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[APD] March 11th Meeting in Charlotte, NC

Meeting announcement.

Who: Anyone interested in coming
What: Talk all things planted aquarium
When: March 11th, 1:00pm
Where: My house in southwest Charlotte, NC.
What to bring: Cuttings, plant related literature, questions/answers, 

Why: I want to get all the people in the greater Charlotte are who are 
interested in planted aquaria together to look at tanks, talking plants, 
help me figure out what's wrong with my tanks, and enjoy eachother's 

There's no real agenda other than discussion of possibly starting an 
organized group specifically oriented around planted aquaria.

I've got three tanks, one of which may not be set up. If we wanted to 
discuss equipment setup and aquascaping I could have plants and a tank 
available for an interactive activity.

I've also got all of the AGA conventions on DVD and a bunch of books, TAGs, 
PAMs, Aquajournals for discussion if we wanted to go that route.

If there's enough interest we could make this a Pot Luck too.

Please email me off list for directions.


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